Learning Cinematography.

Monthey, March. 13, 2017
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Two years ago, Jordan visited the community of Santa Marta to film a group of Canadian high school students. During his visit, Jordan was impressed by the charisma and solidarity that characterize the residents of Santa Marta.
He returned to Santa Marta to teach a series of workshops entitled “Introduction to Cinematography,” which addressed the basics of taking and editing pictures and videos. The goal of these workshops was to strengthen and provide new and better tools to document CoCoSI’s work.
Jordan specifically trained Deisy Rivas, the communications coordinator of the Association of Economic and Social Development (ADES), and Luis Alonso Argueta, CoCoSI’s Social and Political Impact Coordinator, in cinematographic techniques.
For CoCoSI it is a great honor to have artists such as Jordan, so we express our deep gratitude for his contribution to CoCoSI’s work.
In addition, we would like to thank and congratulate Deysi for her participation and for her interest in continuing to learn and improve.

Escrito por Luis Alonso Argueta; traducido por Max y Celeste
   February 2017

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